Luxury Yachts

All the confort and the luxury for a cruise, in a Yacht or a Catamaran, perfect for the people that like the small groups.
Infinity exterior 3


8 days Cruise "A" | | |
The Infinity is our most modern yacht (2018) with unrivalled spacious luxurious cabins and suites.
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Sea Star Journey

Itinerary "A" | Itinerary "B" | Itinerary "C" | Itinerary "A+B"
Our Galapagos Cruises combine a contemporary design, privacy and comfort all within the marvelous setting of the Galapagos Islands.
Oceanspray exterior 6

Ocean Spray

8D "A" and "B" | 6D "A" and "B" | 5D Itinerary and 4D Itinerary | 15 Days Itinerary
The new mega-catamaran Ocean Spray offers the best performance and comfort in Galapagos cruising.
Endemic luxury galapagos cruise %282%29


8D "A" | 8D "B" | 5D "C" | 4D "D"
The gentle curves of the hull and decks make the Endemic looks like part of the unique Galapagos ecosystem.
Petrel cruise 5


8D "A" and "B" | 6D "A" and "B" | 5D Itinerary and 4D Itinerary | 15 Days Itinerary
The newest ship in Galapagos, the Petrel offers a deluxe way to visit these magical islands.
Seaman journey 2

Seaman Journey

Itinerary "A" 4D/3N | Itinerary "B" 5D4N | Itinerary "C" 8D7N | Itinerary "D" 11D/10N
The M/C Galapagos Seaman Journey, another jewel from the well-known Galapagos Journey Fleet, the perfect combination of adventure, comfort, service and excellence!
Galapagos natural paradise cruise

Natural Paradise Cruise

8D/7N "A" Tuesday - Tuesday From $ 6,145 P/PER | 8D/7N "B" Tuesday - Tuesday From $6,145 P/PER | 5D/4N Tuesday - Sunday FROM $3,945 P/PER | 4D/3N Sunday - Tuesday FROM $2,945
Galapagos Natural Paradise is a new luxury yacht for those travelers with discerning tastes.